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☆ 枚貫の絆 - Ma-i Tsuranu No Kizuna ☆

going through a piece

☆ 枚貫の絆 - Monika No Kizuna ☆
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cuz it's us against the world ...
Nあの時のあの場所消えないこの絆 ...
おはようございます*bow* ^^ This is kiraluvstock's gfx community xD
枚貫 です♥ It's me btw :P
This is a gfx community, so, of course, i'll post my gfx here. Hope you guys will enjoy <3
If you want to know more about me, friend me or blah blah, meet me at kiraluvstock <3
I'm just a beginner at gfx so plz dont mind my stupidity in beautifying (?!) all those pics. Demo, i'll try my best to be better :P
If you like my gfx feel free to Watch or Join the community for more updates ^^
NOTES: Since i hate notes myself, im gonna write these down very short.
  • Do not forget to read the RULES before anything :P

  • Resources are posted HERE

  • Feel free to be my affliates, just remember to put a link right here ^^
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